Our Simplicity Project is our family of five’s attempt to uncomplicate our lives.

About eight years ago, my wife Vicki and I, along with our three kids (13, 11, and 7)  started trying to live simpler, more sustainable lives.

We’ve come a long way in the last eight years, reducing our family’s collective footprint by more than two-thirds and moving from a big house in the suburbs to a little house in the country.

It’s a backward step in the eyes of some, who still cling to traditional American definitions of success, but getting out of the rat race was among the best choices I’ve ever made. Vicki and the kids wholeheartedly agree.

Our Simplicity Project is about intentionally, purposefully evaluating all of our choices, from how we spend our time, to the food we eat, to how we spend our money. We look at our choices in terms of how each one affects the planet, each other, and our community.

So I write about our lives and post it here. Don’t ask me what I’ll write about next because I don’t know. Hopefully it’ll have something to do with simplicity or sustainability. If not, I’ll post it anyway.

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