Disposable Batteries

I hate disposable batteries.

I’m no fan of battery-operated gadgets either. The wall clock that needs one new battery every few months doesn’t bother me so much. But things like kid’s toys that require multiple batteries and use so much juice that the batteries have to be replaced frequently do bother me.

Batteries are pretty harmless-looking things, aren’t they? An integral  part of everyday life for most of us, they’re constructed of thin metal walls enclosing caustic acid, designed to last only hours and be thrown in the trash and transported to the landfill where they will slowly and inexorably leach their contents into the earth, and thus into our water supply.

With three kids, a house full of battery-operated toys is as American as apple pie. Gradually, though, as the kids age and the toys either break or quit working, we’ve rid ourselves of most of them. The toys, that is, not the kids.

We also try not to buy products requiring batteries when possible. When we do, we use rechargeable batteries, although they’ll ultimately end up right next to the disposables in a landfill somewhere. They’ll just take longer to get there.

Someday we’ll be battery free. Somehow.

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