Awesome Food

My family eats exceptionally well. Wonderfully wholesome meals, full of flavor. Mostly whole foods (meaning unprocessed,) prepared ourselves. Yes we spend more time in the kitchen, but we don’t care, we don’t have a TV.

If the average American spent as much time in the kitchen as watching TV, the world would, at the very least, be a quieter place.

There’s no particular diet we adhere to. We’re omnivores, sometimes vegan, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes unapologetic carnivores, but always with the goal of putting the best, most nutritious and wholesome foods in our bodies. Well, almost always. We occasionally indulge in cakes, cookies, or ice cream, but it’s not a habit.

We recently started drinking cow’s milk, which we hadn’t had in our diets for many years. A friend has a cow that eats grass a few miles from our home. Our friend milks the cow and shares the milk with us. I don’t think you could get any more wholesome without personally milking the cow.

We don’t hunt but have friends who do. They share the meat with us.

The weather turned cold and the ground froze and we haven’t been able to grow anything in our garden for two or three months, but we’re still consuming vegetables we grew last year and fruit we picked from trees in our yard. We have food in the freezer and food in glass jars. We have apples wrapped in newspaper and stored in boxes in our fruit cellar that taste today as sweet and juicy as the day they were picked four months ago. We have bags of dehydrated apples and pears that, at snack time, taste like candy.

The key to awesome food is following Michael Pollan’s advice to “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

And to repeat (from my previous post, Real Food)…

Follow these three simple rules to drastically improve your diet and health:

1. Don’t consume anything that contains high-fructose corn syrup.

2. Don’t consume anything from a restaurant unless it’s raw (like a salad).

3. Don’t consume anything from a grocer unless it’s raw (like fruits and vegetables).

Finding alternatives is an achievable goal if you try. You don’t have to personally milk the cow.

You don’t need the cow at all. It’s possible to get calcium in your diet without consuming any dairy products whatsoever.

We live in the information age, which goes without saying, although I said it anyway.

Living in the information age means we get to Google everything under the sun. Wiki this and Wiki that, until you find what you seek: Awesome Food.

Then, sit back, relax, turn off the TV, and enjoy.

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  1. Another great post. I totally agree about preparation, it’s so worthwhile spending the time to prepare food that you love to eat. And as for watching TV…? No way, what a waste of everything.

    I’m sure you know of these things, but just in case:
    Do you know the website? Fascinating research that shows the size of plate, spoon, serving dish & package size all influence the amount we eat. When people use a larger plate they eat upto 50% more, even if they know it will happen and have consciously planned not to be influenced!

    And just recently, I read a book called “The Hypnotic Gastric Band” by Paul McKenna…he’s a hypnotherapist. (I’ve blogged about it: I followed his instructions and “installed” an gastric band hypnotically…sounds awful, but the gastric band bit is just a way to catch mass media attention, I think. Behind that, he’s promoting conscious eating and the selection of healthy foods. I find it really interesting, he seems to be trying to introduce “Awesome Food” to a mass, TV watching, audience…

    So glad I found your blog, many thanks


    • Thanks again for the comments. I had not heard of the small plate idea, but it’s a good one. Not sure about the hypnosis thing… Sounds a little hokey, but then, I’d bet a lot of what I do would seem hokey to a lot of people. Whatever works!


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