We’re talking about moving back to the city. One city in particular, with a population of 100,000 people. Two and a half years ago we moved out of a much bigger city to find peace and solitude, which we found. So now we’re thinking about moving back?

Noise, trash, vehicle exhaust. Crime.

But also year-round farmer’s markets and bike-friendly streets in a progressive community supporting a university. I imagine a panacea. We’d go down to one car and park it, bicycling instead to the library, the market, the park. We’d find and befriend like-minded people. Writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, home-schoolers, minimalists, simplicity and sustainability seekers…

I remember my college days, cerebral times when my brain was on fire and profundities flowed like water. How interesting it’d be to go there again. What kind of creative endeavors could I create then, surrounded by and fed by other creative minds excited and energized by their own creative pursuits?

If we did move, it’d be a Grand Adventure. That’s what I’d tell my kids. That’s what I told them when we moved to the country – “it’s an exciting adventure, new discoveries around every corner.” And it was.

I love where we are. It’s a recreation destination, more heavily populated from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but otherwise, we’ve got it pretty much to ourselves. Even during the summer it’s not too crowded. Scenic views, nature, wildlife; it’s beautiful.

Here I have the window open and in wafts fresh air and the sound of bird calls. There’s no smell of exhaust or sound of some teenager’s booming car stereo. No sirens.

But it can get lonely out here in the wintertime. The season’s changing, weather’s turning colder, and we extroverts will soon be looking for companionship beyond ourselves.

There’s so much potential in a city.

There’s potential here too, it’s just of a different kind. We’re torn. Back and forth we go, stay or not stay, stay or not stay.

Dilemmas, dilemmas…

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