Old Beat-Up Mug

Years ago, when I was a big-city cop working ten-hour shifts, coffee was free at most convenience stores as long as I was in uniform. I took full advantage of it and got in the habit of stopping for a cup at the beginning of every shift and at least three or four times more every day. Each trip meant a new disposable cup.

At home, we’d been working hard to reduce our footprint. One day it dawned on me how wasteful I was being at work, so I spent about six dollars on a reusable plastic travel mug. It took a few weeks to develop the habit of using it regularly, but eventually, it became as much a part of my everyday life as my sturdy plastic water bottle.

Every time I filled up this mug, one less disposable cup made its way to the landfill. In the grand scheme of things it may not seem like much. But it means a lot to me.

I’ve since broken the coffee habit, but this mug’s still a part of my life. I use it for tea or hot cocoa (and an occasional cup of coffee) when we’re on the road or camping. Chances are it’ll be with me for a long time to come.

When I do fill up with coffee at a convenience store, I pay much less than I would to buy a cup. Sometimes the clerk just waves me away with a smile and it’s free.

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  1. Oh this is great, it combines nicely with a post I’ve been wanting to write for ages 🙂 You’ll be pingback’d soon!

  1. Bring Your Own | Kosmos 9

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