The Bottomless Water Bottle

Years ago we bought four of these reusable, recyclable water bottles for about $7 each.

At the time I thought they were expensive. In retrospect, they were among the best investments I’ve ever made for the environment, for my health, and for our bank account.

How so? It’s simple. I fill this water bottle straight from the tap in the morning and drink from it all day, filling it up whenever it gets low. When I leave the house, this water bottle goes with me. On the road, it’s easy to find places to fill it up.

Because I carry my water bottle wherever I go, I drink from it. I don’t get the urge to stop at a convenience store and by a 320z. plastic or styrofoam cup of something syrupy and carbonated.

When I’m thirsty, I drink water. Water’s good for me. Water’s free, or nearly so. Reusable water bottles are the ultimate in simplicity.

Tap water, incidentally, gets a bad rap. We hear about impurities and so on, but who’s badmouthing tap water? Companies that sell water filtration systems and bottled water are. Come to think of it, anybody who wants to sell any kind of drink would want you to think your tap water is tainted.

The Story of Bottled Water tells that story more succinctly and better than I can.

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